Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One World~One Heart

I am absolutely STUNNED by the response I've gotten for my giveaway. I honestly thought I would only have a few people wanting the chance at winning my collage and I am nearing the 50 response mark! If I managed to get 100 comments for my giveaway, I will add a second prize, either something I have already made or something totally new. I'll have more of an idea what that might be this weekend. Until then, spread the word!

In other OWOH news, I have become totally confuzzled by the number of blogs I have visited. If you left a comment about my OWOH giveaway, and I visited your blog and left a message asking you to check out my blog, many apologies! I just can't keep everyone's blog straight. *lol* It really has been an inspiring journey through the many blogs involved in this event and I can't begin to say how much I've enjoyed the talent and diversity of the artists. Awesome awesome awesome!!!

Here's to forging new friendships!!


kecia said...

of course you'll have tons of responses - your work is beautiful! i am at exit 98 in Wall - near Asbury and Spring Lake. we are Monmouth County.

Spa Therapy Works said...

Your work is gorgeous! I'm sure you'll have lots of responses.

michelle said...

This is really a fun giveaway event isn't it? thanks for visiting me, it does get confusing doesn't it? You asked about the dotee dolls. I found them through swap-bot, they have tons of swaps for them. I guess they were started a woman in Australia. Her blog is www.dotsartandlife.blogspot.com I think. She has a link to show you how to make them, they really are fun! Nice to meet you!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

lol I'm with you, I can't keep track of who I visited, but I'm loving every minute of the journey. A gf wrote to say she made a list and is checking it off as she goes. Wow, I wish I was so organized. ha! BTW wanted to say, Michelle Ward has a crusade this month for creating your own Pandoras Box... but without the havoc. ;) Check it out, you may just want to jump right in and play. xo, Monica

Angelina's Trinkets said...

Thank you for the invite to your site and thank you for visiting mine. Please count me in - your artwork is beautiful. Angelina

Grace said...

Hi there... is this One World One Heart thing too much fun or what?

You left a comment on my blog asking about my giveaway (a Dotee doll) and I wanted to give you more info on them. I don't sew either, so if I can do it... well you know

Anyway, Dotee dolls were created by a wonderful woman in Austrailia. To lear more, you can see her blog post about them here

Have fun!

Psssst - here's how I am trying to stay organized. I signed up for a free account at Bloglines.com. I added a OWOH folder and add bookmarks for all the blogs I've found through the event in one folder, it works well for me.

Latharia said...

Don't feel bad ... I'm losing track, too. In fact, I can't remember if I visited your blog yet, either! If not ... please enter my name ... and do visit my blog, too! :D